Local Moves in Mesa, AZ

You’re on your way to a new home. Now all you have to do is get there!

We offer you this suggestion:

We recommend that you don’t rent that truck – and don’t rely on help from your friends and neighbors in Mesa, AZ! Even if you’re only moving across the street, you need skill, safety and security. Put the experienced moving professionals at A Wise Move to work for you. We’ll give you top-quality service – and we’ll give you peace of mind. We’ve been moving people and families just like you for years (testimonials). People who have become our biggest fans – and our best advertisers. And based on this experience, we know that you have a lot of questions… such as…

“What about pricing? How will I be charged for my move?”

That’s probably the #1 question on most people’s minds!

Local Movers pricing is determined, based on five elements: movers, trucks, materials, travel time, and valuation/insurance.

  • Movers – You pay an hourly rate for your moving crew. This billing starts from the time they arrive at the job -and ends when they complete their work at your new address. We guarantee that you will be pleased with pace our movers work.
  • Trucks – You pay an hourly rate for each truck used for your move. Keep in mind you will need a truck that has been specifically designed to move household goods, not to move freight. Our trucks come fully equipped with everything necessary to complete your move; 5 dozen furniture pads, tools for disassemble and reassemble, dollies and straps and no charge.
  • Materials – You pay for the exact cost of boxes and other packing materials provided by the mover during the move. For more details and information on materials, we refer you to our Packing Supplies section!
    Travel time – You pay a fee for the time it takes the mover to get from his facilities to the origin of the move, and back to his facilities after the move is finished. The charge usually equals one-half hour to one hour of the cost for labor and trucks.
  • Valuation/Insurance – You pay a basic fee to cover your belongings, in case of any damages that occur during your move. This coverage is very important. We encourage you to scroll below and see our section on Valuation Coverage for more details.


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