Moving Checklist

Efficient Moving Schedule And To-Do List

Approximately 2 Months Before The Scheduled Moving Day

  1. Confirm the scheduled move date with A Wise Move. Make sure the time and addresses are correct.
  2. Start collecting boxes and packing supplies. Contact us early to order boxes and packing supplies, ensuring they arrive with enough time for you to pack. If you are going to pack yourself, start early, packing always takes longer than anticipated.
  3. Decide which items you will take. This is also a good time to decide how the furniture in the new house will be arranged. This will assist you in making the decision as to which pieces of furniture you will take and which you will not. If you decide to buy some new pieces of furniture, now is the time to check with the movers to see if they can pick up the new pieces as part of the move in order to avoid additional delivery costs.
  4. You will want to familiarize yourself with your new area and the schools, local job market, synagogues/churches as well as doctors, dentists and other medical providers.
  5. Contact the schools and have any records transferred.
  6. Contact your insurance agent to transfer homeowner, flood and automobile policies. Also, change the addresses on any other policies which are applicable.
  7. Start sorting through papers, books, clothes, toys, etc.
  8. Make sure to keep valuable items that will not be transported by your movers in a safe place so that they do not accidentally get packed.
  9. Retain all of your moving related receipts as many of these expenses are tax deductible. Contact the IRS at their website for more information.

Approximately 1 Month Before The Scheduled Moving Day

  1. Make the final decision if you will pack yourself or having us pack for you. If you have not yet started packing your home, call A Wise Move so we can get some packers to help you.
  2. Obtain boxes and packing supplies. You can obtain the boxes and packing supplies from us which are specifically designed for moving and will best protect your items.
  3. Go through your house and decide what you will move and what you do not want to take. Arrange to donate the unwanted items to charity or have a garage sale.
  4. Contact the phone and electric companies at the old and new locations in order to make arrangements for disconnection and reconnection of all utilities.
  5. Contact the cable companies at the old and new locations to arrange for disconnection and reconnection.
  6. Contact your gym to make arrangements to transfer your membership to your new location.
  7. Obtain a change of address form. You can get this at your local post office or online at their website.
  8. Make sure to notify the following with your new address:
    • family and friends, banks and investment companies, insurance companies,
    • credit card companies, IRS, student loan companies, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, water service, pharmacies etc.
  9. Begin the process to transfer your driver license and auto registration in your new city/state.

Two Weeks Before The Scheduled Moving Day

  1. Finalize all dates, times, etc with A Wise Move. Also, make sure to notify us of any changes or specialty items such as pianos, etc.
  2. If applicable, confirm any moving arrangements with the building you are moving to, such as elevator availability, security deposit for the move, times when you can move in. If driving, prepare your car for a distance move.
  3. If flying to your new destination, make arrangements for your pets; either on the flight with you or some other transportation. Make sure all animal vaccinations are up to date as some states require this.
  4. Back up all computer files on disc(s) and keep the disc(s) with you and the other valuables that you are moving yourself.
  5. Return all library books, videos, DVDs. Also, pick up any dry-cleaning, prescriptions, clear out safety deposit boxes, etc.
  6. Cancel or transfer any newspaper subscriptions, as applicable. Seal all cleaning fluids and verify with the movers which ones they will move and which ones they will not. Arrange to properly dispose of any that you will not bring with you.

Approximately 3 – 5 Days Before The Scheduled Moving Day

  1. Ensure that all boxes are marked appropriately for packing and shipping, such as “fragile”, “open first”, etc.
  2. Separate the items that you will take with you from the ones the movers will take. Items such as important documents, jewelry, etc.
  3. Pack your suitcases and make sure to leave out any items you will need while traveling to your new destination.
  4. Prepare a box with items you will need for your first night in the new location. Mark it appropriately, such as “first day/night” so it is easy to locate when you arrive.
  5. Make sure that you have provided a contact number to us while you are in transit. Also, you will want to give a back up contact number of a family member/friend, in case of an emergency.
  6. Empty the refrigerator and defrost it and the freezer.
  7. Empty all kitchen cupboards and pantry and throw away any items you are not taking.
  8. Collect all keys, garage door openers, entrance key cards, etc to give them to the new owner or real estate agent.
  9. Prepare a list with alarm codes, alarm company phone number, etc for the new owner/real estate agent.

The Day Of The Move – Moving Out

  1. Be present when the movers arrive Get a good stretch; wear some comfortable clothes and rest assured that you hired the #1 rated moving company to take care of you and your move!
  2. Be accessible on your cell phone before the move: you can expect a confirmation call before crew gets dispatched from A Wise Move Headquarters.
  3. Be present to answer questions and give directions to the movers.
  4. Please remain present until the move is finished.
  5. If you are not able to be there, make sure a friend/family member is available and let the movers know that you have authorized this person to make decision that are necessary in your absence.
  6. Review all paperwork, documents, and contracts with the movers when they arrive. Go over the items to be shipped/moved with the movers as they review them.
  7. Make sure the driver has the address to your new home and if needed, directions.
  8. Do a final inspection of the home after everything has been loaded to ensure all items were taken.
  9. Clean the house as much as possible after the movers have finished loading the truck/van.

The Day Of The Move – Moving In

  1. Arrive at the new destination before the movers and clean the home as much as possible/needed.
  2. Review the floor plan and be prepared to tell the movers where to place the furniture, boxes, etc.
  3. Make arrangements for someone to watch your kids and pets while the movers are unloading. If you cannot find someone to watch your pets, put them in a room so that they will be safe and out of the way.
  4. Arrange for payment upon delivery according to any arrangements made with the us. Federal regulations require payment upon delivery for moving services.