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    Loading a Customer’s Rented Truck

    Loading a Customer’s
    Rented Truck

    A Wise Move doesn’t force you to exclusively use our equipment. We have affordable movers available to help load a customer’s rented truck!

    No Job Too Big or Small

    No Job Too
    Big or Small

    There is no job too extensive for A Wise Move. No matter what your packing needs are, we can help get your things packed and ready for transport!

    Moving Boxes And Supplies Available

    Moving Boxes And
    Supplies Available

    A Wise Move is your one stop shop for all of your moving boxes and supplies. We carry a variety of affordable moving essentials for any move!


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    Price Type Size
    $1.79 Small Box 1.5 cubic feet
    $2.39 Medium Box 3.0 cubic feet
    $2.99 Large Box 4.5 cubic feet
    $3.59 X-Large Box 6.0 cubic feet
    $4.99 Lamp Box 5.1 cubic feet
    $5.49 Dish pack Box 6.0 cubic feet
    $4.99 Mirror Pack Box 30ft x 36ft
    $11.99 Wardrobe Box with Bar 20ft x 24ft x 54ft
    Price Type
    $1.79 Small Box
    (1.5 cubic feet)
    $2.39 Medium Box
    (3.0 cubic feet)
    $2.99 Large Box
    (4.5 cubic feet)
    $3.59 X-Large Box
    ( 6.0 cubic feet)
    $4.99 Lamp Box
    ( 5.1 cubic feet)
    $5.49 Dish pack Box
    (6.0 cubic feet)
    $4.99 Mirror Pack Box
    (30ft x 36ft)
    $11.99 Wardrobe Box with Bar
    (20ft x 24ft x 54ft)

    Packing Peanuts & Bubble Wrap

    Packing Peanuts & Bubble Wrap separator

    Price Type Size
    $4.95 Packing Peanuts per bag
    $5.95 Small Bubble 30′ roll
    $5.95 Large Bubble 20′ roll
    Price Type
    $4.95 Packing Peanuts
    (per bag)
    $5.95 Small Bubble
    (30′ roll)
    $5.95 Large Bubble
    (20′ roll)



    Price Type
    $3.39 Nylon Rope

    Packing Paper and Wrap

    Packing Paper and Wrap

    Price Type Size
    $27.99 Packing Paper-30lbs pack Clean Newsprint
    $10.99 Packing Paper-10lbs pack Clean Newsprint
    $27.99 Shrink Wrap 1500′ roll
    Price Type
    $27.99 Packing Paper-30lbs pack
    (Clean Newsprint)
    $10.99 Packing Paper-10lbs pack
    (Clean Newsprint)
    $27.99 Shrink Wrap
    (1500′ roll)

    Packing Tape

    Packing Tape

    Price Type
    $1.99 Packing Tape, per roll
    $9.99 Packing Tape, 6 roll special
    $13.99 Pistol Tape Dispenser

    Mattress Covers

    Mattress Covers

    Price Type
    $3.99 Twin Mattress Cover
    $4.59 Full Mattress Cover
    $5.49 Queen Mattress Cover
    $6.59 King Mattress Cover

    Personalized Packing
    Just For You

    A Wise Move offers the most extensive and affordable packing services that is personalized to fit the scale and needs of your move. Whether you are in need of commercial packing or residential packing, our movers are equipped to handle your packing needs with ease, quality, and trust, ensuring that all of your belongings are safe and secure for transportation.



    The local residential movers at A Wise Move know how stressful a move can be, which is why we offer packing services for each of our clients. Packing is one aspect of moving that takes the absolute longest. You can start packing your things weeks in advance and still not be done by the time moving day comes around. With our residential packing services, we can ensure that your items are ready to go on moving day and that they will remain safe and secure during the move.

    In addition to efficient packing services for your move, we also provide affordable rates on packing supplies so that you have everything you need to get your belongings packed and transported!


    Commercial moves can be far more difficult than your typical residential move. The packing alone can take weeks of preparation before you even place one item in a box. A Wise Move offers commercial packing services to help with your commercial move, ensuring efficiency and safety for all of your office belongings.

    With the best packing services in Arizona, we can quickly and safely pack your items and transport them to their new location with ease. Contact us today to find out more about our commercial packing services!



    I can’t say enough good things about Mike and A Wise Move! Mike was so easy to work with, and went above and beyond to get us boxes as promised over the phone… they were much faster than expected. I would use A Wise Move again in a heartbeat!

    Liza B., AZ


    Mike and his team are worth their weight in gold! So affordable, punctual, and efficient! The moving crew is so quick, careful, and polite I will be recommending them to everybody I know! Thanks Mike and crew, you saved us!

    Katie B., AZ


    I hired them and am totally impressed with every aspect of the moving process. The team was very professional and took great care with every item in our home… They did not damage one thing, period. I would definitely hire them again.

    Troy S., AZ


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