Long-Distance Moves

Across Town or Across the Country-A Wise Move Makes Your Next Move Your Best Move!

You’re ready to make that big move. So much to think about and plan… so much to look forward to!

What about transporting all your possessions? It could be one of your biggest nightmares – especially if you try to do it yourself or decide to hire an unknown mover without long distance moving experience.

Why not call A Wise Move and afford yourself the first-class treatment you and your life’s belongings deserve? We appreciate that we’re moving your life, so we safeguard your possessions with greater care than we would our own.

How will you be charged for long-distance moving? The charges on local moves are usually based on labor time while long distance moves are charged based on weight and distance.

The Elements of Pricing

Long-distance moving companies base their pricing on the following elements. A Wise Move offers you the greatest value for your money in all five areas:

  • Weight: After the truck has been loaded, the mover weighs the truck at a government-regulated weigh station. The long-distance rate (called a tariff) is regulated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA).
  • Distance: Based on those basic rates, a mover may offer discounts to customers. These may be based on destination, if the start or end point of the move is one to which the company may travel on a regular or frequent basis, or they may be seasonal to encourage business during slower times of the year.
  • Packing & Materials: The cost of boxes and other packing materials provided by the mover. For more details and information on materials, refer to our Packing Supplies section.
  • Valuation/Insurance: A basic fee to cover your belongings in case of any damage that occurs during your move. We encourage you to scroll below and see our section on Valuation Coverage for more details.
  • Accessorial Charges: The tariff also applies to “accessorial” charges by long-distance moves. Some of these extra charges could include the cost of fuel and worker’s compensation, which may vary from state to state. Other charges may include Autos, Baby or Grand Pianos, Pool tables and Large Safes.

To find out more about your Long-Distance Move, contact us today.