Most long haulers are cramming several different clients into one truck.
Our clients have an exclusive truck for their goods.

✓ Our team loads and unloads it.
✓ We don’t combine your items with other client’s.
✓ We guarantee the load and unload day.

caring for your belongings
across the country

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    A Wise Move Dedicated Truck Vs OTHERS



    • We only allow members of our team on your job.
    • Our clients have an exclusive truck for their goods.
    • We never ask clients to hang out in a hotel until we get around to delivering their goods.
    • When we give a price its binding.
    • Also, we don’t sub contract out.


    • Hiring local day laborers to handle your goods.
    • They are cramming several different clients into one truck.
    • They don’t keep it simple and straightforward for you and your family to relax, and they keep you waiting.
    • Always change the agreed amount.
    • Even sub contract external personal

    The Moving Process


    step 1
    Request Bids On Your Move
And Schedule Your Movers

    Request Bids On Your Move
    And Schedule Your Movers

    step 2
    Prepare Your Home
For Moving & Packing

    Prepare Your Home
    For Moving & Packing

    step 3
    Final Packing Day
Of The Move

    Final Packing Day
    Of The Move

    step 4
    Directing Furniture
Into The Correct Spots

    Directing Furniture
    Into The Correct Spots

    step 5
    Unpacking & Enjoying
your New Home

    Unpacking & Enjoying
    your New Home

    Across the Country-A Wise Move Makes
    Your Next Move Your Best Move

    A Wise Move is a long distance moving company that provides efficient and affordable moving services from our trusted team.

    Step 1: We will quickly and efficiently load your things onto our truck with help from only our trusted team members who will care for your belongings as if they are their own.

    Step 2: We won’t cram all of your belongings onto a truck filled with other people’s items. You have the exclusive use of our truck for your long distance move.

    The Final Step: When you schedule a long distance move with A Wise Move, your loading and unloading day are guaranteed. Moving can be an arduous task and one that often comes with long waiting periods. With our long distance moving services, we ensure that you are relocated to your new home in a timely manner so that you can get through the moving process with ease.

    “What about pricing?
    How will I be charged for my move?”

    Long-distance moving companies base their pricing on the following elements. A Wise Move offers you the greatest value for your money in all five areas:



    After the truck has been loaded, the mover weighs the truck at a government-regulated weigh station. The long-distance rate (called a tariff) is regulated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA).



    Based on those basic rates, a mover may offer discounts to customers. These may be based on destination, if the start or end point of the move is one to which the company may travel on a regular or frequent basis, or they may be seasonal to encourage business during slower times of the year.

    packaging and materials


    The cost of boxes and other packing materials provided by the mover. For more details and information on materials, refer to our Packing Supplies section.

    valuation and insurance


    A basic fee to cover your belongings in case of any damage that occurs during your move. We encourage you to scroll below and see our section on Valuation Coverage for more details.

    accesorial charges


    The tariff also applies to “accessorial” charges by long-distance moves. Some of these extra charges could include the cost of fuel and worker’s compensation, which may vary from state to state. Other charges may include Autos, Baby or Grand Pianos, Pool tables and Large Safes.



    A Wise Move is a long distance residential moving company that provides affordable packing, moving, and storage services for your long distance move. The residential movers at A Wise Move are dedicated to making your moving experience as pleasant as possible, no matter where you are relocating. Trusting a moving company with your belongings can be a big leap, but with A Wise Move, we have a first rate, honest, and efficient crew that can get the job done right with little stress.

    We also provide packing and transportation of specialty items such as fine art, pianos, antiques, pool tables, and any item that requires a gentle and careful move. Trust A Wise Move with your long distance move.


    A Wise Move not only provides long distance moving services for all residential needs, but we can also help with your commercial relocation. We provide long distance commercial moving services with help from our trusted and efficient team. At A Wise Move, we treat each move like it’s the most important, making us a top rated long distance commercial moving company. Corporate or commercial moves can be stressful, which is why we take extra care to lift the burden from your shoulders.

    Whether you are looking to move or expand your operation, A Wise Move can help. Our long distance movers have five stars on Home Advisor, Google, and Yelp, and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau so you know that you are getting superior service.



    I can’t say enough good things about Mike and A Wise Move! Mike was so easy to work with, and went above and beyond to get us boxes as promised over the phone… they were much faster than expected. I would use A Wise Move again in a heartbeat!

    Lisa B., AZ


    Mike and his team are worth their weight in gold! So affordable, punctual, and efficient! The moving crew is so quick, careful, and polite I will be recommending them to everybody I know! Thanks again, Mike and crew, you saved us!

    Katie B., AZ


    I hired them and am totally impressed with every aspect of the moving process. The team was very professional and took great care with every item in our home… They did not damage one thing, period. I would definitely hire them again.

    Troy S., AZ


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