Convenient Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Ask about our storage services in PHOENIX METRO, AZ

When you need more space for storing your belongings, make A Wise Move Inc. your first choice. You can store your items in one of our storage units at our 5,000-sq. ft. air-conditioned warehouse in Phoenix Metro, AZ. To help you make the best use of your space, we’ll provide you with a compact, custom-built module for storing your belongings. Once it’s filled, we’ll store the module securely in our warehouse.

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storage services in Phoenix Metro, AZ

If you’re looking for a safe place to store your belongings, come to A Wise Move Inc. You can trust us to keep your items safe. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our facility is monitored 24/7.
  • We’ve installed state-of-the-art fire and burglar alarms.
  • Our custom modules are designed to protect your items from humidity, extreme temperatures and pests.

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A Wise Move Moving Company Provides Storage Services In Arizona

Storage Services

At A Wise Move, we can handle of all your storage needs in our 5000 square foot AIR CONDITIONED warehouse. It is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week with fire and burglar alarms. If your new home is not ready for occupancy and you need overnight storage or if you need long term storage, give us a call for a quote.

To meet the needs of our customers’ more modest moving and storage requirements, A Wise Move uses compact, custom built modules that are expertly packed to suite each client’s individual needs – whether grouping household possessions to ease reinstallation in a new home, or organizing personal belongings for long term storage.

A Wise Move’s modular storage units enable convenient warehousing for fast retrieval and contents remain isolated from extreme temperature, humidity and climatic conditions. Assuring complete protection from insects and pests, A Wise Move complies with government standards and fumigates the storage warehouses every three months.

Household belongings stay packed in their original moving cartons. Upholstered furniture are stored on specially-designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap. Cars, boats, trailers, motorcycles, etc. are sheltered inside the warehouse.

We know the quality of storage is important. That is why our warehouse is regularly inspected and graded by an outside company. They must exceed the minimum standards of our stringent World Class Commitment guidelines, so you are assured that your possessions are kept safe and secure.